About Us

The Morton Grove Farmers’ Market Steering Committee
L to R: Lorri, Peggy, Brad, Elaine, and Rich. Not pictured: Susan and Eric

Our Mission Statement:

The Morton Grove Farmers’ Market is a non-profit group of visionaries who want to help local entrepreneurs feed their communities in a seasonal weekly event that emphasizes:

  • Sustainable practices
  • Small business empowerment
  • Thoughtful capitalism
  • Food policy awareness
  • Healthy consumption
  • Entertainment by local artists and musicians
  • Understanding of our agricultural and natural heritage
  • Celebration of local organizations
  • Cooperative achievement and
  • The enrichment of the community through the handiwork of its local craftspeople and public servants.
It is our belief that by working towards these goals, we can help our village and our neighbors thrive, enhance the reputation of our community, provide a forum for public recreation and create a temporary town square that focuses the good will of our area into a fun, lively, and family-friendly festival.


The Market is a committee of the Morton Grove Chamber of Commerce and Industry with cooperation from the Village of Morton Grove, the Morton Grove Park District, and many other for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. We are continually publicizing the Market, booking local entertainers and community groups, vetting vendors, recruiting sponsors, and working with several groups to develop logistics to run a smooth, enjoyable marketplace. The location of the Market is 6210 Dempster St. in Morton Grove.

2014 MGFM

The Morton Grove Farmers’ Market team L to R: Elaine M., Lorri F., Susan W., Peggy L., Brad M., and Rich B. 


In 2011, the Farmers’ Market Coalition named the Morton Grove Farmers’ Market one of the best new community markets in the country.  We were also featured in news articles around the area from the Chicago Tribune and Niles-Morton Grove Patch to our own Morton Grove Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s newsletter.  The Market sends updated information to over 3,300 shoppers in the area every week via e-mail and our Facebook page has over 1,300 people who follow us regularly.  This outreach continues to grow throughout the year.

If you would like to make a donation, volunteer your time or resources or have questions about the Market, please use the contact form below. We welcome suggestions, compliments, and constructive criticism, too!  See you at the Market!

2010 Halloween at the Morton Grove Farmers’ Market! Credit: Carlo A. Cacioppo, EMA Morton Grove


Photo and Video Release: 

Photos and videos are regularly taken of people participating in the Morton Grove Farmers’ Market.  All persons attending the Morton Grove Farmers’ Market may be included in the Farmers’ Market promotional material without additional prior permission and without compensation to the participant.  If you do not wish to be photographed, please e-mail connect AT mgfarmersmarket.com or kindly notify the Market photographer.


Want to learn more about Farmers’ Markets?

The Farmers Market Coalition wrote up an informative Q and A about farmers markets – what they are, what you can find there, how to locate your nearest market, and more.  Click here for the article.



Our mailing address is:

Morton Grove Farmers’ Market
6101 Capulina Ave.
Morton Grove, IL 60053